Angel at my door: ‘Rabbit trail’ thoughts

My mind has a tendency to follow rabbit trails. Sometimes, like this morning, that’s a positive thing.

For those of you who may not have picked up on it yet, my faith in Jesus Christ is very important to me. I’ve been following Him since I was 13 years old, but like any believer I am constantly learning and growing. Sometimes it is one step forward and two steps back, but I press on.

Poets & Saints reading plan.jpg

Just a few minutes ago I was reading day 2 of 4 of “Poets & Saints,” a devotional plan from Jamie George on the free Bible app YouVersion. Today’s reading titled “Embrace Your Limitations,” which corresponds with Ecclesiastes 3 and Galatians 6:9, really spoke to me:

… We’re all limited in varying degrees. But that doesn’t have to squash our innate drive to uniquely create, to make a difference, to effect change [emphasis mine].

If somewhere in your story someone told you that you weren’t creative, please know that is simply not true. Researcher Brené Brown writes, “‘I’m not very creative’ doesn’t work. There’s no such thing as creative people and non-creative people. There are only people who use their creativity and people who don’t. Unused creativity doesn’t just disappear. It lives within us until it’s expressed, neglected to death, or suffocated by resentment and fear.”

…If you’re in a season of productivity, produce and be grateful for the opportunity to see the fruit of your labor.

If you’re in a season of slowing, choose to enjoy the subtleties of beauty. Sketch a leaf, smell the honeysuckle, carve a pumpkin or ten of them. Lie in the grass and feel the earth. Sit in a snowdrift and absorb the silence.

Recognize that each limitation points toward something of value in your life. And remember, a limitation today may not be one tomorrow.

Dang. I can’t tell you how much that applies to my situation, with this blogging project I’ve undertaken and my dream of publishing a book.

I’ve mentioned in a couple of previous posts that I’m in the midst of reading “If: Trading Your If Only Regrets for God’s What If Possibilities” by Mark Batterson. If it seems like I’ve been bringing it up a lot, it’s because I’m really drinking it in instead of devouring it like a lot of books I read.

In reading today’s “Poets & Saints” message, I remembered a passage from “If” that stuck out to me recently:

Don’t think your what if has to be something grand and glorious. You can turn your mundane tasks and everyday routines into what ifs. And if you learn to approach every encounter, every person with a what if attitude, it adds an element of adventure. It’s that what if attitude that the writer of Hebrews advocates.

Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.

Sometimes what if is as simple as acting as if everyone were an angel. And even if they aren’t angels, they are image bearers of almighty God. Simply put, there are no ordinary people.

These two thoughts tie together, in my mind, because I’ve been wondering lately, “Is there really a point to what I’m doing with my blog? What is my purpose in all of this?” Perhaps I should be asking, “What is God trying to accomplish through me?”

My husband and I are big fans of the band NEEDTOBREATHE. One of their older songs, “Angel at My Door,” has popped up a couple of times lately while I’ve been listening to them on Spotify. I’ve gotten that song stuck in my head, and reading what Batterson had to say about Hebrews 13:2 just cemented it.

So how does this all fit together? I think I know, but I’m still trying to find all the pieces of the puzzle. Last night, my mom gave me a great suggestion for a book topic, and I might just run with it. That scares me a little, and I get the feeling that’s not unusual, but I don’t want to let fear hold me back from chasing my dreams. Fear is from the enemy and is not of God (2 Timothy 1:6, 7).


I hope those of you who don’t know Christ as your Savior realize in reading my thoughts that living for God doesn’t make life easy or safe. As I study the Word and meet the Lord in prayer and worship, He makes something beautiful out of this child He loves so very much.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


6 thoughts on “Angel at my door: ‘Rabbit trail’ thoughts

  1. What a beautiful, inspiring post. I do believe that God directs our lives if we place our faith in Him and His Son. Sometimes the answers aren’t always clear but I can’t imagine what it must be like not to have the safety net of faith in difficult times. I’ve seen prayers answered and I know that He watches over me.

    If you are inspired to write you should follow that dream. I believe everything happens for a reason. There must be a reason your mother suggested that book topic to you.

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  2. Beautiful post and I have said many times I’m not creative, but you’ve reminded me I am especially in my writing.

    Congratulations on that topic for a book. I’d love to write one someday. Just need to do it.

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    • I’d like to think that because we serve a creative God, He has given us a gift of creativity whether it’s in writing, painting, engineering, etc.

      And thank you! I have a feeling that the hardest part is getting started! We can do it!


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