Writer Meme Monday: You should be writing

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In yesterday’s post I slipped in a rather bold declaration: Yes, I plan to write a book.

Now I just need to start it.

See, I have this bad habit of saying I’m going to do something, and then not doing it. Or I’ll start something, and I won’t finish it.

But I’m telling myself the same thing I did when I started this blog a whole two weeks ago:



“I HAVE A PLAN” – Dick Solomon, “3rd Rock from the Sun”


I’m not just blogging aimlessly and vaguely about daily life like I did so unsuccessfully back in my early twenties. It’s much easier to sustain this baby when it follows a common thread. But by golly, if I want to blog about something else besides books and writing now and then, I can do that, too.

The thought of starting a book is honestly so overwhelming, but I know there are plenty of resources at my disposal. My biggest obstacle is me – my habits of procrastination, of not following through, of getting easily distracted. And hiding behind those habits is a lot of insecurity and doubt.

I’m still fine-tuning my topic, but I’ll drop the mystery soon and actually explain what I plan to write about. I promise.

For now, I’m trying to remind myself of a saying I first heard from a very wise, very sweet woman in my church:



Another bold step I took just yesterday – I offered to share my testimony during an upcoming Bible study session. Each week, one of our leaders shares her own personal story of how God has worked in her life. The thing is, it’s a 12-week study and there are less than 12 leaders. So, we attendees were asked to consider presenting our testimonies.

Initially I thought, “Meh, my testimony isn’t all that interesting.”

And then I was up front at church yesterday morning, on background vocals with the worship team, and God all but told me out loud, “Of course you have an interesting testimony. SHARE IT.”

And wouldn’t you know, I decided maybe it’s not such a crazy idea. So I tossed my hat in the ring … we’ll see what happens.

So, that’s where I am today – kicking insecurity in the butt, because God’s got this!

(Props to The Mom Who Runs for the awesome Writer Meme Monday idea!)


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