REVIEW: “The Spies of Shilling Lane” by Jennifer Ryan

"The Spies of Shilling Lane" by Jennifer Ryan Kindle edition, 368 pages Published June 4, 2019, by Crown ASIN: B07K62LGW8 My review Great Britain is deeply entrenched in World War II, and it's against this dismal backdrop that the haughty Mrs. Braithwaite receives divorce papers from her cheating husband. Because of the stigma surrounding divorced … Continue reading REVIEW: “The Spies of Shilling Lane” by Jennifer Ryan

Quick update 

Hey guys, I have been woefully negligent of my blog the past few days, between personal matters, the World Series, an addictive little novel called "The Girl on the Train," and now a horrific stomachache that woke me up early this morning and continues to wreak havoc. If I'm feeling up to it later today, … Continue reading Quick update