Book Traveling Thursday: A favorite 2016 read

Happy Thursday!

It’s time for another installment of Book Traveling Thursdays, hosted by Danielle and Cátia over at Goodreads.

This week, we were asked to pick one of the best books we read in 2016. I finished quite a number of literary gems this year, but one of my favorites is Laura McHugh‘s 2015 debut, “The Weight of Blood.”

This one sat on a shelf for months before I finally picked it up, and my only regret is I didn’t read it sooner! My mom started reading it Friday night, and by Saturday night she was about halfway through it.

Check out my review here.

Original cover


Covers from my country














My favorite cover


This is the edition I have. Of the covers I’ve seen, this one looks the most menacing, in my opinion. It’s reminiscent of at least one scene from the book, so maybe it’s a bit too on the nose, but I don’t care. Although I put off reading this one for a while, the cover art really intrigued me. I kept wanting to know where the pensive-looking young woman on the cover was heading and if something or someone was waiting for her around the bend in the creek or off in the timber. Plus, the font used for the title and author’s name has a heavy, can’t-miss-me look that really grabs the eye.

My least favorite cover


This one is from France. I swear I have nothing against the French, even though it seems like every time I do a Book Traveling Thursday I post the French edition as my least favorite.

But seriously … other than the fact that there’s mountains pictured, this scene doesn’t really call the Ozarks to mind for me. The way the lady is fake-running down what looks like a boardwalk kinda cracks me up. And which character is she supposed to be? Maybe Lila?

Did you participate in this week’s Book Traveling Thursday? If so, please post your link in the comments below!

11 thoughts on “Book Traveling Thursday: A favorite 2016 read

  1. my favorite is the original cover best (hard cover). The slender font represents the delicate situations Lila and Lucy each found themselves in while at the same time there is blood clinging to the font in certain places representing threats. The dead tree shrouded in fog at the bottom of the cover is in Chapter 1 and is a key to the plot. I LOVED this book!

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  2. LOL at the fake-running! I don’t like that one either. The others are really nice, I loved the one you chose. I’m in love with the colors, they are quite unusual. I don’t tend to like yellow, but in that one is so perfect.

    I had to add this book to my TBR, it sounds intriguing :O

    My BTT in case you want to check it out 😉

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