REVIEW: “Limetown”

"Limetown (The Prequel to the #1 Podcast)" by Cote Smith, Zack Akers, Skip Bronkie Hardcover, 290 pages Published Nov. 13, 2018, by Simon and Schuster (first published Oct. 30, 2018) Synopsis I was so excited to find a copy of this book at my local library! From the creators of the #1 podcast Limetown, an explosive prequel about … Continue reading REVIEW: “Limetown”

Review: “Love and Gravity” by Samantha Sotto

"Love and Gravity" by Samantha Sotto ebook, Ballantine Books Published Feb. 7, 2017 ASIN: B01DRXCPP4 "There were two things that Isaac had come to rely on in this world: numbers and Andrea. On the surface, they were polar opposites. The first existed in the universe of logic, the other in the realm of magic and dreams. … Continue reading Review: “Love and Gravity” by Samantha Sotto

Review: “Three Years with the Rat”

"Three Years with the Rat" by Jay Hosking 288 pages, Thomas Dunne Books Expected publication date: Jan. 24, 2017 ISBN: 067006937X Originally published Aug. 9, 2016, by Hamish Hamilton (Canada) A young man's quest to find his missing sister will catapult him into a dangerous labyrinth of secrets in this provocative, genre-bending, and page-turning debut. After … Continue reading Review: “Three Years with the Rat”