Bookish Christmas gift haul

Phew! Happy day-after-Christmas to those of you who celebrate the holiday. I'm experiencing a bit of the post-Christmas doldrums, as per usual. I can't remember the last time Dec. 26 fell on a Monday, but it's kind of a bummer – especially since I didn't have today off work like some of you special people. … Continue reading Bookish Christmas gift haul


“This is what I wished for …” Opening night is here

  Tonight is opening night of our local theater company's radio play, "It's a Wonderful Life." I missed out on participating in the full-scale production in 2006, as I was away at college ... so playing the lead female role of Mary (Hatch) Bailey in a broadcast-style show is the next best thing! I'll be … Continue reading “This is what I wished for …” Opening night is here