BLOG TOUR (REVIEW): “Other Breakable Things” by Kelley York and Rowan Altwood

Yes, I know I mentioned earlier this week that I'm on hiatus, but I still wanted to keep my promise I'd made to participate in the blog tour for "Other Breakable Things," a moving YA novel by Kelley York and Rowan Altwood. "Other Breakable Things" by Kelley York and Rowan Altwood 290 pages (Kindle Edition), Entangled Teen … Continue reading BLOG TOUR (REVIEW): “Other Breakable Things” by Kelley York and Rowan Altwood


On hiatus

Hi all, So you may or may not have noticed there hasn't been much recent activity on That Book Lady Blog. I'm burned out, not only on blogging but on reading. Honestly, I feel like book blogging has kind of ruined reading for me. I'm scheduled for a blog tour post on Friday and will … Continue reading On hiatus

20 years of “Mmmbop”: A retrospective

My husband was kind enough to let me blab about Hanson over on his blog. Happy birthday, “Mmmbop”!

Editing Life

Editor’s note: The following is a guest post from my wife, the lovely Megan McNeill, on this, the 20th anniversary of her favorite band’s first hit, “Mmmbop.” She truly is the biggest Hanson fan I know. Enjoy.

On Tuesday, April 15, 1997, baseball great Jackie Robinson’s jersey number, 42, was retired leaguewide. America Online service began in Japan.

And three blond brothers from Oklahoma unleashed to the world a catchy pop tune known as “Mmmbop.”

Hanson mmmbop gif.gifIt’s technically turning 21 this year, as the original version was released in 1996 as the title track of Hanson’s second indie album — so buy it an Mmmhops.

The upbeat song with the unforgettable chorus was the first single off Hanson’s major debut album, “Middle of Nowhere.”

By the time “MON” hit stores May 6, 1997, a bevy of fans — most of them young and female — had cropped up. Hysteria ensued…

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Review: “And Then There Was Me” by Sadeqa Johnson

"And Then There Was Me" by Sadeqa Johnson 304 pages, Thomas Dunne/St. Martin's Press Published April 11, 2017 ISBN: 1250074169 Bea is a surrogate mother, carrying more than her husband's cousin's child. She's also carrying devastating secrets. She is bulimic*, and her charismatic, handsome husband Lonnie is extremely unfaithful. When Bea's closest friend Awilda betrays her, … Continue reading Review: “And Then There Was Me” by Sadeqa Johnson