Review: “Love and Gravity” by Samantha Sotto

31564042.jpg“Love and Gravity” by Samantha Sotto

ebook, Ballantine Books

Published Feb. 7, 2017


“There were two things that Isaac had come to rely on in this world: numbers and Andrea. On the surface, they were polar opposites. The first existed in the universe of logic, the other in the realm of magic and dreams. But they shared the one thing that mattered. Together, they made the world make sense. Numbers gave life order. Andrea gave it meaning.”

From the age of 7, cello prodigy Andrea Louviere has been trying to merge her modern-day existence with that of young Isaac Newton’s. She discovers that, by playing a song she composed, a crack in the wall of whatever room she is in bursts open and gives her a glimpse of this brilliant young man living in the mid-1600s. They fall for one another as they exchange letters delivered back and forth by a mysterious elderly man, and toss gifts to one another through the crack.

In fascinating fragments, Andrea’s past with Isaac/future in the 21st century unfold. But she is forced to make difficult choices, realizing that Isaac’s love for her could have significant repercussions for the two of them, and for the world at large.

“Love and Gravity” was a departure from the norm in terms of what I typically read. I’m not much into the fantasy genre, but what hooked me on this book was the concept of time travel. Like many time travel stories, there is so much that hangs in the balance depending on the choices that are made.

My brain isn’t wired to easily grasp mathematical and scientific concepts, and I knew even before starting this book that that would pose a challenge for me. At the same time, though, part of the fun of reading “Love and Gravity” was how it pushed me in terms of comprehension.

Without giving too much away, what I found irritating was the sappy dialogue and love scenes between Andrea and Isaac. But I suppose if I were in Isaac’s position, having waited all those years to be together with a crack in a wall and letter-writing as the only ways to communicate, I might wax poetic and act a bit too clingy, myself.

I also felt sorry for/was exasperated with Nate, who’s been Andrea’s best friend since around the same time the crack first appeared in Andrea’s wall. Even though he lashes out at her when he feels like she’s taking advantage of him, he just keeps coming back even though she continually treats him like crap. I was never sure if she really loved him or just kept him around for her own selfish reasons.

Relational bugaboos aside, I really did enjoy “Love and Gravity.” It’s a unique story with an intricately-woven plot and tons of surprises.

I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


3.5 stars


About the author

In an alternate universe, I am Dr. Who’s faithful companion, traveling through time with 4681279.jpghim and constantly rearranging furniture on the TARDIS. In this one, I’m a professional daydreamer, a wife, and a mom to two not-so-little humans and a Golden Retriever named Tennant. Oh, and yeah, I also write books.


Bio and photo courtesy of author’s Goodreads profile

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