Review: “Phantom Limb”

33586862.jpg“Phantom Limb” by Lucinda Berry

Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Published Dec. 15, 2016

ISBN: 1541034953

Identical twins Emily and Elizabeth have been inseparable since birth, and that bond was further cemented by the horrific conditions in which they were raised. Now young adults, Emily is an emotional wreck while Elizabeth does her best to hold it all together. But then she loses Emily, and she just can’t cope anymore …

This book was absolutely stunning in its depth. I felt like I’d fallen down a rabbit hole as I read of Elizabeth’s journey through the loss of her sister and her road to recovery in a psychiatric hospital.

And then, just when things seemed to be looking up for Elizabeth, BAM. Another stunning revelation. There was absolutely nothing predictable about the plot. From start to finish, I never could guess what was going to happen next.

Gosh, I feel like I’ve been reading a lot of dark books lately, but I do need to warn prospective readers there are a LOT of triggers for those who have struggled with suicidal thoughts/attempts as well as self-harm. There are some extremely troubled characters in this book, and by the time I was finished I felt so deeply for them.

I received a free digital copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.



About the author

Dr. Lucinda Berry’s background is as unique as her stories. She has a Ph.D. in clinical 14550035.jpgpsychology, specializing in trauma and children. She is the Assistant Director of Evidence-based Practice at UCLA’s National Center for Child Traumatic Stress. She uses her clinical experience to create compelling tales that blur the lines between fiction and nonfiction. If you want to be notified of upcoming new releases, please visit:

Author’s bio and photo courtesy of Goodreads

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