The Jingle Bell Book Tag

I wasn’t tagged in this one, but it looks like fun so I’m doing it anyway! Props to the creator, Richard @ The Humpo Show.

“All I Want for Christmas is You” … What book do you want to see under the Christmas tree?

29429950.jpgHonestly, I hesitate to name any one book … there are just too many on my TBR, which is why I asked for a gift card this year instead of specific titles.

However, one book in particular that I’d like to own is “Forever Words,” a collection of never-before-published poetry by Johnny Cash. He is hands-down one of my favorite musicians, and just an all-around interesting guy.

“Simply Having a Wonderful Christmastime” … What book that you read this year have you enjoyed the most?

Ugh … I can only choose one? I’ve read 44 books so far this year (I’ll be finishing at least a 28007948couple more) so it’s kinda hard to narrow it down.

I’m sure this will surprise absolutely no one, but if I have to name a single book that I enjoyed most it would be “Arrowood” by Laura McHugh. It’s set in my hometown, for one thing. And although it’s only her second book, McHugh has quickly become my favorite present-day author.

Check out my review here.

“Elf” … What book unleashes your inner child?

1440820Ugh! Another tough call!

There are many books that bring back happy memories of my childhood, so after doing a bit of mental eenie-meanie-minie-moe, I’m gonna go with “The Runaway Flying Horse” by Paul-Jacques Bonzon.

I was (and still am) enchanted by the idea of an aging carousel horse escaping from his post to find adventure and live like a real equine. The illustrations by William Pène du Bois are beautiful and charming, albeit a little creepy (if I’m being honest, the children look a bit deranged).


“It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” … Which of your books has the most festive look to it?

I own several sets of “American Girl” books. Each series has a Christmas story, and I think the one with the prettiest cover is probably Samantha’s1666050.jpg.

I remember when I first read this book that I thought it would be terrifying to have actual candles on an actual Christmas tree. There sure were a lot more fire hazards back in the day. I also couldn’t believe that people used to wait until Christmas Eve to put up and decorate a tree. (Now some people can’t wait until Thanksgiving!)

Samantha was probably my favorite American Girl, although Molly comes in a close second.

“The Grinch” … Name your favorite villain.

N5ZXSmSR.jpegI’m not really a villain kinda gal. I like to focus more on the protagonists. But I suppose one that comes to mind is Smeagol (or Gollum, if you prefer) from J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

He has an interesting story – it’s kind of his fault the One Ring has stuck around so long, after all. Plus, let’s be real, he’s fun to imitate.

“The Holiday” … Name your two favorite couples.

To be honest, there’s not a lot of fictional couples whom I “‘ship” (ugh, can’t believe I actually used that term), so I’ll have to reach far back into my archives to answer this one.

First off, one of my absolute favorite books I’ve ever had to read for school is “Bridge to 2839.jpgTerabithia” by Katherine Paterson (thank you, Ms. Adair – now Mrs. Riedemann – hands down my all-time best K-12 teacher). Jess and Leslie are this sweet pair who create their own magical woodland kingdom. Their story does not have a very happy ending, but oh, my heart – I became so fond of them as I read this book.

One of my most creative book reports involved making paper dolls of Jess and Leslie. I was pretty proud of that project.

OK, so I need to come up with a second couple? (Yes, I know, “The Holiday” is a movie about two couples who swap homes at Christmas. This is still way too much work for me.) Hmm.

the-storied-life-of-a-j-fikryAlright, my other favorite literary couple is from a more recent read. (SPOILER AHEAD!) I’m going with A.J. and Amelia of “The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry” by Gabrielle Zevin. I love how a totally grumpy and lonely bookseller’s life is turned upside down by, among other people and circumstances, an upbeat publishing company salesgirl. She manages to crack that tough shell he’s built for himself and give him a new perspective on life. And I just think it’s super romantic that a book promoter and a book vendor would get together.

What book would you like to give as a present to your followers?

OK, so I realize not everyone believes what I believe, but I am not ashamed of my faith in 20013762Jesus Christ. I do respect that my followers are entitled to their own opinions, and I’m certainly not going to force the Gospel on anyone. But what greater gift to give than the book that contains the true story of what Christmas is really about?

“The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us. We have seen His glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.”

-John 1:14


Have a wonderful Christmas Eve! I’m not going to tag anyone, so feel free to participate if you’d like!

I’m scheduling a special post for tomorrow, as I won’t have time to write anything!

4 thoughts on “The Jingle Bell Book Tag

  1. Thanks for doing the tag!
    The Bridge to Terabithia was on TV yesterday and I watched it. I forgot that Josh Hutcherson was in it.
    I’m giving you a follow. Looking forward to seeing more of your blog posts. 🙂

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