“This is what I wished for …” Opening night is here



In the foreground from left are “George Bailey,” “Mary Bailey” (yours truly), “Matilda/Janie/etc.,” and “stage manager/Joseph/etc.” Daily Gate City photo


This is the first show Great River Players has put on in its current headquarters since moving in a few years ago (although we’ll performing elsewhere tonight).

Tonight is opening night of our local theater company’s radio play, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” I missed out on participating in the full-scale production in 2006, as I was away at college … so playing the lead female role of Mary (Hatch) Bailey in a broadcast-style show is the next best thing!

I’ll be thinking of my grandma, who’s in a care facility and can’t attend, as I perform in this adaptation of her favorite movie.

Additional performances are tomorrow night and Saturday the 10th. Please wish me, um, leg breakage. (Wishing an actor “good luck” is bad luck in the theater world!)

4 thoughts on ““This is what I wished for …” Opening night is here

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