Three years and counting

Three years ago this morning, I woke up in a haze.

Mom and I packed up the car and set out for a Western Illinois winery, where in a matter of hours, life as I had known it for nearly 28 years was about to change.

1545849_10153831837840595_1660518715_n1618688_10153831837240595_817295142_n.jpg(photos by Emma Wroughton)


(photo by Danielle’s photography)

After months of planning, I was about to marry a man I had met less than a year before. Was I scared? Absolutely. Do I ever regret it? Absolutely not.

I married a man who loves me fiercely, who looks out for my best interests and places the utmost importance on what is best for us as a couple, who continues to strive to be the best husband — better than I deserve.

A man who keeps me in stitches with his unique sense of humor, who broadens my perspective on love, life and faith.

A man who selflessly loves me even when I’m at my worst and cheers me on when I’m at my best.


The groom (sitting front and center) eventually came to terms with getting married the day of the Iowa/Michigan game. (photo by Emma Wroughton)

We’ve faced some challenges and made a few tough decisions so far, and I know there’s plenty more of those in store as the years progress. The dark times will only make us stronger, and they’ll make our best moments all the sweeter.


Newlyweds (photo by Danielle’s Photography)


(photo by Danielle’s Photography)

Regardless of what the future holds, neither of us are alone. We serve a God Who has ordained each day we’ve been given — past, present and future. With that in mind, why should we be afraid? (Romans 8:31).


We may not have memorized word for word the vows we wrote for our ceremony (so we’re totally failing at this marriage thing … ha!), but maybe once in a while we need to dig them out and read them again. I know I do, anyway. But I hope that, to the best of my ability and with God’s help, I have lived up so far to the vows I made. And I pray that as we continue this journey together, our commitment to the Lord and one another will grow stronger and deeper.


I love you with all my heart, Jared. Happy anniversary to you, too.



(Photos by Danielle’s Photography)

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