Go, Cubs, go

Good morning, all. I’m back from a two-day blogging hiatus.

My reading has been a bit stagnant because, as you may have heard unless you’re living under a rock, the Chicago Cubs on Saturday night advanced to the World Series for the first time since 1945.


Game 6 reactions.jpg

Tears were shed at the end of Game 6!

Game 1 is tonight.

I’m a fairly new fan of the Cubs and baseball in general, so I can’t even imagine how lifelong Cubs like my husband must feel. Check out the outstanding blog entry he wrote yesterday about how important this team is to him.

With the first pitch of the World Series just hours away, I’m taking a detour from my normal book-centric posts to share with you guys how I got hooked on the Cubs.

I grew up in a household where sports weren’t a big deal. When Jared and I began dating, I was well aware from the get go that a lot of football, baseball, hockey and basketball would be part of the territory. Little by little, his addiction has grown on me (although, so far, I’ve stood my ground against golf…snore!).

I’ve found that a sport doesn’t mean as much to me until I’ve seen it live. Iowa football became much more appealing after the first game I attended in 2015.


My first Cubs game – July 29, 2016. We beat the Mariners 12-1!

The same thing happened this year when we went to my first Cubs game. It’s taking me longer to grasp the general concept of baseball, but spending a day at Wrigley made me want to learn more about the sport. It made all of Jared’s stories about Harry Caray, Ryne Sandberg, etc., more interesting. It made me proud to be married to a third-generation fan, and I realized I wanted to be part of the crazy Cubs family.

I realize I will never fully comprehend what it’s like to have been a lifelong Cubs fan, remaining loyal and optimistic through all the years of disappointment.

But when Jared cried at the end of last night’s NLCS Game 6, I did, too. He was so nervous throughout the playoffs, and is still on edge as the Cubs prepare for the World Series.

I’ll never be half the Cubs fan that my husband is, but I’m glad this is one more thing we can experience and enjoy together. When you love someone, the things that matter to them often become important to you as well.

Go, Cubs, go …

Fly the W.gif


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